Award Winning 3D Artist

I'm Pim Puts, 3D Artist.

I am a extreme movie fanatic. And I love the way how movies are made and the amazing technology behind it. From making movie sets to the VFX.

Pim Puts

“Driven by the exciting technology of the future with a keen eye for detail and story telling”

What I Do



3D Design

If you would like a model from for example your new bedroom, Il be the one that makes from a plan a 3D model for your own uses!


3D & Visualisation

If you need a moddel and a nice render of that said model. Il do these both for example your social media usage, or for your new marketing tactics!



Architect or just as hobbiest, Il make for all kind of purposes High quality renders from your moddels!

Most Recent


Some of my recent work!